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Addiction Treatment Hospitals and Clinics

Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud

Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud – Overview Quirón Hospital Group has an internationally prestigious medical staff, the largest in the sector, and is also the principal hospital network in terms of patient numbers and care facility area. The group administers 38 healthcare centers, more than 2,864 hospital beds and 7,500 associate doctors. Hospitals The following hospitals, located […]

NP Istanbul Brain Hospital

Europe’s 2nd Brain Hospital NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital; the first special neuro-psychiatric hospital in Turkey established with the aim of providing effective treatment services with the most sophisticated treatment possibilities provided by contemporary medicine to the diseases that are soul / brain health related, is the 2nd Brain hospital in Europe. NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital has become […]

Hospital Quirón Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Hospital Quirón Valencia – Overview Quirón Hospital of Valencia is ranked as one of the best private hospitals in Spain, winning nine times in the TOP 20 award in recognition of its management and quality of care. As for services, Hospital Quirón Valencia has earned the same award in their areas of General Surgery and […]

Psychological Services International

Bangkok, Thailand

Psychological Services International – Overview At PSI, their core value is professionalism. Each of their professionals has an advanced degree and experience in their field. They maintain the highest standards of professional competence and conduct. In addition to their general professional expertise, at PSI they understand the experience of living and working in Bangkok and […]

The Cabin Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Cabin Chiang Mai – Overview The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxury residential rehab in Northern Thailand specialising in the treatment of both substance (alcohol & drugs) and process (sex, gambling, internet, food, etc.) addictions. It is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health and has a 96% treatment completion rate. It features […]

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya – Overview The Bangkok Hospital is a multi-specialty tertiary hospital offering medical services to local and international patients. We are JCI accredited and ISO 9001:2000 certified. In addition, we were accredited by the Hospital Accreditation Institute of Thailand in 2004. We have been growing since 1990, to become a 400 bed facility […]

Quirón Madrid University Hospital

Madrid, Spain

Quirón Madrid University Hospital – Overview Quirón Madrid University Hospital, located in Madrid, Spain, is an ISO certified modern private hospital which was opened in 2006. Quirón Madrid University Hospital is a proud partner and subsidiary of Quirón Salud. Medical Services Quirón Madrid University Hospital is a tertiary care center, spanning all medical specialties, with […]

Hospital General de Catalunya

Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

Hospital General de Catalunya – Overview With over 350 beds and 300 physicians, idcsalud Hospital General de Catalunya has always been a benchmark in healthcare, providing tertiary medical services in over 25 medical specialties since 1984. The hospital is part of Grupo idcsalud, a leading European healthcare company that supplies a wide range of medical […]

Hospital Ruber Internacional

Private Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Hospital Ruber Internacional – Overview The Ruber International Hospital is designed as a “whole hospital”; its Central Services, the medical-surgical units of different specialties and Medical Partners, are interrelated and integrated into the Hospital, achieving maximum efficiency in the organization and development of the various medical, welfare, educational and research activities. A rigorous selection of […]