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Medical Tourism Benefits and Advantages

Why go abroad for medical procedures? Learn about the benefits of medical tourism.

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Deciding Where to go for Medical Tourism

What are the key elements in selecting your medical travel destination.

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Checking Out Your Clinic or Hospital

What you should look for when selecting a hospital or clinic abroad.

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Checking Out the Doctor for Your Treatment Abroad

A guide for what you should ask the doctor or surgeon in order to select the right one for your needs.

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Using a Medical Tourism Facilitator

The process of deciding where to go for medical treatments abroad can be a challenging task, particularly for first time medical travelers. Some medical travelers seek help from medical tourism facilitators to coordinate their journey.

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Medical Trip Aftercare Process in Medical Tourism

What happens after the medical trip? Learn about aftercare & recovery processes in medical tourism.

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Financing Tips for Medical Tourists

Learn about the available financing options for people going abroad for medical treatment.

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“With respect to offices and administration, especially Lia, I was really amazed. When going to a distant countrycas a dialysis paitient for the first session you are somewhat suspicious. In any case, everything went extremely well. So I will be a patient of the hospital again on my following visit to New Delhi.”



“I came in order to receive treatment at Fortis Surgery unit. I have to say was very very impressed by their services. I have been operated by top surgeons, and he made me functional again, and I am no longer in as much pain as I I experienced before”




“Your service was incredible, and I had feedback within 48 hours. If I require medical assistance in the future I will surely turn to your company”



“I can’t express how satisfied I am with your service. I am telling all my friends about your excellent medical matching services. I have been to  many places for the past 4 years I find yours ad the most qualitative one..”



“I would like to let you know that 5 medical institutions all around the globe, have already contacted me. The website was very pertinent for me.”



“This is exactly the kind of service I was in need of. Way to go!!”


NSW, Australia

“I looked for certain medical procedure pricing and found you on search. Follow up mail was very pertinent and I found the treatment I was looking for, for afraction of the peers costs.”


Hong Kong

I found the right doctor, the right location, and even managed to enjoy decent tourism on the way. Thanks guys.



“the whole thing was simply great. We would like to thank you for all the assistance, and  feel a lot better now. Thank you again for all of your excellent services .”



“Theyhelped me big time, gave us pertinent information and responded instantly to all our whims. We appreciate it..a lot.The medical center in Israel was very professional.”



Health Travel Knowledge

Medical Tourism in the USA

More Americans seek affordable medical treatments abroad as medical tourism booms in the USA.

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Medical Tourism Information – Myths About Medical Tourism

Myths & facts about medical tourism. Information to help you make a decision about medical travel.

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Medical Tourism Statistics and Facts

Helpful statistics & facts about medical tourism. Inform yourself before going abroad for health care.

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Medical Travel Insurance for Treatment Abroad

There is a rise in the number of insurance companies providing medical travel insurance.

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The History of Medical Tourism

This short time line recounts the history of the medical tourism industry.

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Healthcare Travel Regulations

Learn about the attempts to regulate the global healthcare industry, with respect to the rising trend of medical tourism.

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Medical Tourism Industry Certifications

Medical Tourism industry certifications ensure that you receive quality medical treatment abroad.

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Medical Travelers and the American Healthcare System – A Cost Effective Solution

The current healthcare system in the USA offers citizens with low quality high cost care. Although American medical tourists have been seeking care that is not covered by insurance, perhaps receiving treatment abroad can also offer the under or unins

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