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British Cyprus IVF Hospital

british cyprus ivf hospital
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    Private Fertility Clinic, Nicosia, Cyprus

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British Cyprus IVF Hospital – Overview

british cyprus ivf hospital

British Cyprus IVF Hospital was built on the two decades of success and experience.

British Cyprus IVF Hospital is your first step towards achieving your fertility dream

We are offering a dedicated service with the same wealth of knowledge and expertise, same belief in providing access to the latest technologies and same devotion to your wellbeing with up to 60% reduction in costs compared to other EU countries.


british cyprus ivf hospital

Our Cyprus donor selection complies with all local and EU laws. It is also evaluated in accordance to the guidelines issued by the internationally respected reproductive medicine associations, including the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). We have also attained the relevant ISO quality standards (ISO9001 and ISO27001).

What makes British Cyprus IVF Services Different?

We go beyond the standard to ensure excellence in fertility treatment:

  • The unique Comprehensive Genetic Screening centre in Cyprus – one of the few centres to evaluate donors for over 600 diseases originating from over 6,600 mutations.
  • Legal frameworks that maintain anonymity – giving easier access to donated eggs or sperm
  • One of the largest donor network worldwide offering over 1,800 eggs
  • MicroSort empowered gender selection
  • Up to 60% reduction in costs compared to EU countries
  • No waiting list
  • Free donor search system (online)
  • Novel solutions to enhance pregnancy outcomes (MicroFilter-Fertile Ultimate,
  • MitoScore and time-lapse imaging)
  • Tandem Cycle
  • 100% treatment refund (If you are not pregnant within 3 cycles of embryo or egg donation treatment, your treatment related costs will be fully refunded. Upfrontpayment is not required for 3 cycles. You only pay for each cycle of treatment at a time.)

An Introduction to Egg, Embryo and Sperm Donation

How does donation work?

Egg, sperm and embryo donation are all forms of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment. In traditional IVF, the patient’s egg is fertilised with the sperm of her partner before being implanted into her uterus. In donation IVF, the egg, sperm or both come from a donor.

Should I consider egg, sperm or embryo donation?

Donation procedures are an option for many couples who are struggling to conceive or single women or same sex couples seeking IVF treatment.

british cyprus ivf hospital

Selecting donors

Where do the donors come from?

We know that long waiting lists and lack of choice are the main issues for donation patients who want to start a family. In order to reduce waiting time to zero and provide a diversity of choice to our patients, we have built one of the world’s largest donor network. With over 1,800 egg donors in our very own donor base and thanks to our collaboration with Europe’s leading and licensed sperm banks, we are able to give access to eggs and sperms which are donated by young, healthy, genetically screened women and men.

Can I find out who my donor is?

No. The anonymity of all donors is upheld at all times. However, as part of the selection process, we can inform you of general points about the donor, such as eye and hair colour, age, body type, interest, education, certain personality traits, etc.

How are donors selected?

Selecting a suitable donor is a very important step and we wish to ensure that couples are happy with their selection. Any donor selection in our centre must be done in accordance with guidelines set of by the international reproductive medicine associations (ESHRE and ASRM). Our egg, embryo and sperm banks hold a wealth of information and donors are selected based on the following stringent criteria:

  • Detailed evaluation for age, education, general and mental health
  • Examination for blood-borne and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Comprehensive genetic screening for chromosome or gene level defects (optional)
  • Blood group compatibility Special requests such as artistic talent, body features and place of birth

Genetic Screening

What is genetic screening and why is it’s so important?

Thanks to recent ground breaking genetic technologies, a multi-level genetic screening can now be safely provided for couples that are planning to undergo infertility treatment in our centre. At donor selection level: Upon request, you and your partner/donor can be screened for more than 600 diseases and 6,600 disease-causing genetic defects by “Expanded Carrier Screening Tests”, such as CGT and Recombine Test.

At sperm level

Upon request, spermatozoa are separated according to the gender status by MicroSort technique and the healthiest ones can be filtered through latest sperm microfluics technology (Fertile).

At embryo level

  • If both partners are carriers of specific genetic disease-causing mutation, embryos can be screened for this specific genetic condition and a healthy delivery is obtained through Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)


  • If both partners are carriers of a specific disease and there is an affected sibling in need of a stem cell transplantation, embryos can also be screened for both the disease-causing mutation and Human Leukocyte Antigen genotypes (HLA typing)


  • Where indicated, a Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) and Mitochondrial DNA Analysis (MitoScore) can be performed by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) or Microarray Comperative Genomic Hybridisation (aCGH) in order to select the most genetically compatible embryo for implantation.


At endometrium level

Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) test, which is based on the analysis of 238 individual genes that are important for implantation, provides the most optimal day and time for a successful embryo transfer.

Gender Selection

MicroSort empowered gender selection is a common practice in our clinic. Gender determination occurs before the embryo is transferred (before pregnancy). It requires the use of genetic analysis, which is very safe and does not affect the embryo in any way. Most couples who choose the gender of their baby do so to balance out their family.

british cyprus ivf hospital

Privacy and Security

The quality related to treatment procedures is protected with ISO9001 Quality Management standards, while privacy security is protected with ISO27001 Information Security Standard.

Our organization is audited regularly by the TRNC Ministry of Health and the EU Coordination Centre.

Transport & Accommodation

Our main goal during your treatment is to reduce the levels of stress that you may experience in relation to travel and accommodation.

We offer you package programmes offering you different alternatives in order for you to spend your time here in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Alternatives are available for every budget from pension up to 5-star hotel.

We can also arrange for taxi transfers between the airport, hotels and our centre using our private drivers.

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