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Center of Plastic Surgery & Rehabilitation

center of plastic surgery & rehabilitation
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    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Center of Plastic Surgery & Rehabilitation – Overview

The Centre of Plastic Surgery & Rehabilitation (CCPR) was established by Dr. Domingos Q. de Paola 12 years ago, but Dr. de Paola’s experience in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine goes back to the 1970’s. Through the long run, Dr. de Paola ensures that his centre keeps up with the cutting edge techniques in this medical field through attending international meetings and congresses and ensuring that his team gets continuous education.

CCPR’s range of surgeries and non-surgical aesthetic treatments cover a long list of general procedures to the latest methods. These include laser surgeries to aesthetic massages, implants and permanent treatments. Dr. de Paola’s team consists of him as the head director, another two specialists in plastic surgery, a physiotherapist, and an anesthesiologist.

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Number of doctors: 6