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Kyrenia IVF Clinic

kyrenia ivf clinic
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    Fertility Clinic, Kyrenia, Cyprus

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Kyrenia IVF Clinic – Overview

Ada IVF International Clinic is a modern infertility and IVF facility, staffed by highly trained professionals, providing patients with the highest level of personalised care. The clinic is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and offers everything you may need for your fertility treatment.

Procedures offered at the Ada IVF International Clinic include:
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Assisted Hatching, Donor Sperm, Donor Egg, Donor Embryo, Tandem Cycle and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for gender selection.

2011 – 2012 Pregnancy Rates

Total Cycles (2011 – 2012) : 962

Patient Age IVF Egg Donation Sperm Donation Gender Selection
20-29 68% 78% 73% 65%
30-34 64% 72% 66% 60%
35-39 57% 68% 60% 52%
40-44 45% 65% 45% 30%
45+ 30% 60% 30% 20%

Why choose Ada IVF:

  • Affordable prices:
    IVF prices in Cyprus are lower compared to clinics in the UK, Western Europe and United States.
  • No waiting lists:
    Ada IVF has no waiting list for the IVF, donor egg, donor sperm or PGD treatments so you can be treated whenever it’s comfurtable for you.
  • ICSI is part of their normal routine:
    At Ada IVF, ICSI is used for every single treatment which helps to combat male factor infertility due to low sperm count or a blockage. ICSI also guarantees fertilisation 100% of the time.
  • Blastocyst Embryo Transfer at no extra cost:
    Ada IVF aims to provide a 5 day blastocyst embryo transfer whenever possible, for no extra cost. This gives you a higher chance of pregnancy.
  • Relaxing atmosphere:
    Cyprus is a warm, sunny country with : beautiful beaches. Having the IVF proecdure done in Cyprus can be combined with a relaxing holiday, allowing your body and soul to relax, thus creating a perfect environment for embryo transfer.

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Number of doctors: 2
Year established: 1995