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Muricy Clinic – Overview

Clinica Muricy, or the Muricy Clinic, exclusively offers treatments for baldness and related conditions for both male and female. The clinic specializes especially in hair transplants. Treatments and transplants carried out in Muricy Clinic are completed through use of advance techniques and equipment.

The Muricy Clinic’s history stretches back to over 20 years ago, from when they have accumulated credibility and reliability from more than 2,700 patients from Brazil and foreign countries that they have treated. A team of specialized professionals make this possible, led by Dr. Jose Candido Muricy; a plastic surgeon. Surgeries are executed by a team of eleven, including Dr. Muricy and Dr. Maria Angelica Muricy, a hair transplant surgeon and dermatologist; an anesthesiologist, and five assistants who prepare the follicular units, and another three who help place the units.

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