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San Angel Hospital

A small (16 beds), modern (opened in 2009), private hospital, located in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, right across the Texas border. 50% of the patients come from the United States, due to the proximity to the Texas border, the affordable prices, and the easy access by car and by air. San Angel Hospital […]

San Javier Hospital

Guadalajara, Mexico

San Javier Hospital – Overview San Javier Hospital is a 73 bed private, tertiary, full service hospital located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Specialties at the San Javier Hospital include cardiology, neurosurgery, spinal surgery, laparoscopy, transplant surgery, oncology, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, ob-gyn, pediatrics, urology, ENT, fertility treatments, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery and more. The hospital is affiliated […]

Dra. Blanca Elena Ramírez

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dra. Blanca Elena Ramírez – Overview Dra. Blanca Elena Ramírez runs a private clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, together with Dr. Dolores Javier Sanchez Gonzalez. The clinic is located inside the San Javier Hospital, a modern, CSG accredited hospital. The clinic offers stem cell therapy for a variety of chronic conditions, including: Autism, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, […]

Dr. Jesus Arturo Armenta Jasso

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Dr. Jesus Arturo Armenta Jasso – Overview

Maya Spa

Tulum, Mexico

Maya Spa – Overview Maya Spa in Tulum feels like another world – slow paced, candle-lit, and richly endowed with pleasures for our senses. Slow down and breathe fresh sea air, bury your toes in cool white sand, linger in the lapping waves of the warm Caribbean Sea. It is the perfect retreat to stimulate […]

VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center

Tijuana, Mexico

VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center – Overview Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tijuana offers the expertise of doctors Francisco Alvarez O. Bourke, along with Manuel Arredondo and Manuel Rosas in cosmetic surgeries and procedures, including breast augmentation/lift/reduction, liposuction, abdominoplasty, vaginoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, even reconstructive procedures on the body and bariatric surgeries as well. With the direction […]

Oasis of Hope Hospital

Tijuana, Mexico

Oasis of Hope Hospital – Overview The Oasis of Hope Hospital is a cancer focused research institution and treatment facility. The hospital consolidates conventional and alternative cancer treatments to provide the right care and therapy for the patient. A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized to conform to the needs of its patients. The Oasis of Hope […]


Mexico City, Mexico

INSEMER – Overview Insemer is a medical institute and clinic specializing in infertility and reproductive medicine. The Insemer medical clinic is situated in Colonia Lomas de Chapultepe, Mexico City. Mexico City is around 3.5 hours from Los Angeles, US by plane. The team of gynecologists and specialists in reproductive medicine are highly trained, with further […]

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry – Overview Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry was founded by Dr. German Arzate, an experienced and board certified cosmetic dentist with 22 years of proffesional experience. Dr Arzate is a member of several US dental associations as well. The clinic treats hundreds of American and Canadian patients every year, so all doctors are English […]

Medez Lasik Institute

Tijuana, Mexico

Medez Lasik Institute – Overview Their medical team keeps up to date within different specialities to offer their patients the most modern treatments to solve their visual problems. This makes the procedure done of Mendez Lasik institute archieve extraordinary results, and are also painless with immediate recovery , so our patientss can easily resume their […]