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This therapy is used to enhance or accelerate the recovery and recovery procedure for damaged or diseased tissue.

Hyperbaric treatment can at times be the primary remedy for specific conditions, but it’s usually a part of a general plan of care, which might also have antibiotics, surgery and other treatments.

After treatment you’ll have to make an appointment with your referring physician, who’ll be kept advised of your progress.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can be Utilized in treating:

Wounds which are contaminated or don’t cure
diabetic ulcers (to prevent amputations)
harm from radiation (by way of instance, radiation treatment for cancer)
gas poisoning (by way of instance carbon monoxide poisoning)
How can I be evaluated for treatment?

Once your referral has been obtained by the hyperbaric medicine group, you’ll be contacted for an appraisal appointment.

A hyperbaric medicine specialist will review your medical background and conduct a set of evaluations, which might incorporate a torso X-ray, electrocardiogram (ECG) and hearing loss, blood and eye tests.

A hyperbaric nurse may describe how the treatment is administered and guide you into the hyperbaric medicine unit.

In case you’ve got a non-healing wound, then a unique evaluation (trans-cutaneous oximetry evaluation ) that measures local skin oxygenation might be carried out. This is painless and takes approximately an hour to finish. Wound photography might also have to record the development of wound healing.

As soon as you have been evaluated and approved for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the expert will prescribe you with a plan of treatment.

The hyperbaric treatment staff will choose which room to utilize according to your problem.


Continue your usual balanced diet. Don’t stop eating in front of a therapy.
Inform the doctor if you’re taking any drugs. This is crucial because some medicines may change the body’s reaction to oxygen.
Tell your health care provider when you’ve got a pacemaker. Some individuals with certain pacemakers might not have the ability to possess hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
If you’re having therapy in a multiplace hyperbaric chamber, you’ll be fitted to get a oxygen”hood” before your treatment.
Just prior to the hyperbaric oxygen treatment
You’ll be asked to change into non-static clothes which will be provided to you.

These items shouldn’t be taken to the treatment area for security reasons:

It’s necessary to follow security precautions as 100 percent oxygen is used throughout therapy.


Treatments generally last for two hours, once every day. The quantity and frequency of treatments differ based on the health condition you are being treated for. But, it’s normal to have a class of 30or more remedies (6 months ).

If You’re having treatment in a multiplace chamber
You’ll be seated in a massive steel room where many individuals can be treated in precisely the exact same moment. A part of the hyperbaric group will come in with you.

Compression starts once the door is shut. From the room you may experience fullness in your ears, like the feeling you experience when descending at an aeroplane. This fullness is the eardrums reacting to the shift in pressure.

The hyperbaric team member will help you with numerous procedures of clearing your ears. This may continue for a couple of minutes.

When the suitable therapy pressure is attained, the fullness in your ears will probably discontinue. An air hood will then be set on your mind, providing you with 100 percent oxygen.

If You’re having treatment in a monoplace chamber
A team member is situated close to the room in any way times.

During compression, then you may experience a sense of fullness in your ears. The exact techniques are utilized to ease this fullness as from the multiplace chamber.

Throughout therapy at the monoplace chamber you’ll have the ability to watch TV or a DVD.

After hyperbaric treatment

In the conclusion of therapy, the room is decompressed and you’ll feel a popping on your ears. Normally your ears won’t call for clearing.

Side effects aren’t common, but will probably be discussed with your hyperbaric physician during their first assessment.

This is usually temporary, lasting for approximately one month after therapy ceases. It’s suggested to not alter your eyeglasses prescription for up to three weeks following hyperbaric therapy. Whatever the case, your visual acuity is going to be checked with the hyperbaric team following every 10 hyperbaric sessions.

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